Important things to know before renting a boat

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Boat vacations are becoming increasingly popular. It’s no wonder, as Marinemax boats rentals offer unprecedented flexibility and total freedom in planning your vacation. Chartering a boat has become a very simple task; find one of the many yacht charter agencies on the web and you will find the right offer for your needs. 

However, if you have never rented a boat before, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Although several yacht charter agencies and companies offer various options, the main idea is always the same; you and your friends or family rent a boat for a scheduled period of time and you are the only one who can determine the course of your sailboat and decide how long it will stay in a certain area. 

But, these agencies will not rent you a boat unless you have a captain with you; someone who has previous sailing experience and knows the basics of sailing. The captain must have a yachting license or certificate, but even if no one among your friends or family has the necessary skills, you don’t have to worry; the agencies have their own captains who will always be willing to help you.

Hoist the sails, tie up and anchor the boat and make sure that everything related to the operation of the boat goes according to plan. Many people with sailing experience choose to hire a captain: they know the local area, its waters and weather conditions. 

As professionals, they will make suggestions about the course, informing you about the tourist attractions and natural beauties you may encounter. After all, you are chartering a yacht for rest and relaxation; the captain will cover most of the work (although all passengers will be helping him) leaving you more time to enjoy with your friends and/or family.

You can charter many types of Marinemax boats. Usually, yacht charter agencies will recommend the most suitable boat for your needs. Most likely it will be the so-called crewed speedboat, which can accommodate ten to twelve people.

These boats have four cabins (each cabin has a shower), a dining room (with an oven, a microwave and other kitchen utensils), a fly bridge and a salon. Depending on your financial budget, you can even charter a boat with a gym, high-speed Internet, a spa, as well as a number of other amenities.

The usual alternative to the motorboat is the sailboat; they are not as fast, but are better for those who wish to cross and explore the sea, islands and coastline. 

For example, many of those who rent a boat in Croatia choose the sailboat, as the Adriatic Sea has hundreds of islets and islands with dozens of marinas where these Marinemax boats can anchor. You can rent a monohull (a traditional sailboat, which has only one hull) or a catamaran. 

Catamarans are somewhat more comfortable and suitable for inexperienced sailors; they are easy to sail (especially important in shallow water), have plenty of deck space and are really easy to get in and out of the water if you just want to take a swim.

Other rental specifics will take place at your agency’s offices; although rental agencies are usually reliable, it’s always good to check the opinion of their previous clients on the Internet. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions – 90% of clients have no prior knowledge of sailing and the job of the charter agencies is to give you all the necessary information about the boat.